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There are many reasons why a self propelled electric motorized golf push cart or electric golf caddy is a compelling means to carry your clubs around the golf course. It’s not just Professional Tour players who avoid carrying their golf bags. An ever increasing number of regular golfers around the world, who cannot afford the luxury of a personal caddy, are using electric golf trolleys such as the Bat-Caddy … and here are some of the reasons why:

Benefits of using the Bat-Caddy

Saving your Energy for the Game

On average a round of golf takes between 4-5 hours traversing a distance of ca. 5 miles. Actual ball contact is only between 70 and 100 times and takes less than 2% of the time, whereas the majority of the time is spent on getting to the next shot. That’s a lot of time and energy spent between the shots and particularly towards the end of the round we often lack the energy to concentrate on the shot and apply our best swing. By using a Bat-Caddy you can safe your energy for the game and put your best possible swing on every shot… just like the Pros!

Preventing Strain

The average golf bag weighs anywhere between 20 and 35 lbs and golfers who carry their bags put their back and shoulders under a lot of strain, putting it down and picking it up close to 100 times in a round. Using a regular push or pull cart can also put strain on your arms and shoulders unnecessarily, especially going uphill. A Bat-Caddy motorized caddy, gives you the best of both worlds. You still keep fit by walking the course but avoid the added strain that comes from lugging a bag around or dragging a push or pull cart.

Staying Fit, Improving Overall Health and Losing Weight

Walking the course with a Bat-Caddy does not only increase your energy level and reduce strain on key body parts, it can also contribute to your overall general health and well-being. Besides the cardio-vascular exercise of walking, your body also can burn up to 50% more calories when compared to riding in a cart. Various medical studies have concluded that walking a golf course can result in lowering cholesterol and blood pressure, create a stronger immune system, and help reduce the risk of developing diabetes, and some forms of cancer, osteoporosis and heart disease. As a matter of fact, walking the course with a Bat-Caddy will provide you with moderate exercise at an average heart rate of 110 versus 86 riding in a cart*. As a result of using a Bat-Caddy you will feel fitter, weigh less and ultimately play better within a short time. 

Protecting the Course and Speed Up Game

Electric caddies weigh significantly less than full-size riding carts and hence have less damaging impact on the fairways, especially in wet conditions (according to a 2004 USGA report). As opposed to common wisdom, electric caddies can also speed up game, especially where cart path only rules apply. A Bat-Caddy motorized golf cart can reach any spot on the golf course without leaving track marks and can be moved straight from one point to the next, thus no need for the time wasting practice of two people going back and forth to a riding cart to pick up yet another club!! Also, with the remote controlled model there is no need to have to walk back to retrieve your cart from the front of the green. You simply steer the Bat-Caddy by remote control to the next tee and save time and energy. 

Staying connected with the Course and Enhancing Companionship

By walking the course your body keeps moving and stays warm and alert. As a result you will stay more in tune with the rhythm of the game and be more concentrated and focused on your golf swing. Walking across the fairways also lets you experience the true nature of a golf course design from the first tee all the way to the 18th green, as opposed to driving a rattling golf cart along a paved cart path on the edge of a course, possibly as a passenger to an intoxicated driver! In addition, one of the main reasons we all enjoy golf so much is the companionship of a foursome playing 18 holes and sharing the experience. By walking the course together you will certainly enhance the social aspect of the game as compared to the isolated, unnatural and sometimes risky transportation in a riding cart. And last but not least, for those of us who value the tradition and history of golf, the game was meant to be played walking!

Making Money Sense

A Bat-Caddy electric push cart also makes economic sense. Considering the savings for rental fees for riding carts (average of $15-$20/round), the investment in a Bat-Caddy has a payback period of less than a season for an average golfer. After that the rental fee annual savings can be invested in new equipment, golf travel or as cash in your pocket. 

Benefits of using the Bat-Caddy

Improving your Handicap

Last but not least, many golfers invest significant amounts of money in the latest club technology to improve their handicap..... unfortunately not always with the desired result - imagine how a better rhythm, improved fitness and a higher energy level and concentration would impact your game. My educated guess is that it will result in a better handicap, and there are many of our customers who confirm that! 

In summary, a Bat-Caddy Motorized Golf Caddy will help you save your energy for the game, prevent strain and fatigue, improve your rhythm of play and general fitness, increase fun and companionship and ultimately improve your handicap, all at a very reasonable cost!

We at Bat-Caddy strive to provide our customers with an innovative and unique way to improve your experience playing the game. Our products are designed with top of the line features at very competitive price points. We are unique in that we offer what really counts in this market: the ideal balance between functionality, performance, practicality at a great economic value! And as many of our existing customers know, I do personally take care of them! Please contact us anytime for further questions,


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