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Service & maintenance

A superb service, maintenance and support system is a key factor with us at BAT-CADDY. Any reported question, problem, will be dealt with in a swift typical flexible and Scandinavian manner based on trust.

We basically trust our customers – why shouldnt we ? - they are like us – Golfers! Sharing a passion for the same game we will at all tims strive to make this as effortless and convinient for them as possible. Thus happy users of our brand.

You can always call us at +4532115678 (10 am to 4 pm CET Monday thru Friday) - fax us at +4532107616 or e-mail us a This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Should you have any input, feedback or proposals for improvements on the trolleys, accessories please feel free to contact us at all times. We would love to hear form you !

Bat-Caddy Europe
c/o Fabrikators
Tjørnevej 18
2800 Lyngby
+45 3211 5678


New and innovative XR3

The most elegant remote trolley on the market at a stunning price. Extremely powerfull and robust. German design meets Asian efficiency.

Why remote ?

We say TRY IT - you will love it! Hands free you can walk you own way and in your pace. You really feel as if you are a full scaled PRO with somebody to carry the clubs.

Why Bat-Caddy ?

It is very simple. Because you can trust us ! We offer honest and effecient service. Any problem ?
Write us a info@fabrikators.com

Latest News

Bat-Caddy® moves to Europe. One the most successful electrical trolleys In the US is now available for all European golfers
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