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There are a few things you will care about as customer and one is always

When can I have it ?
What does it cost ?
and how is this done ?

Well it is very simple. We will send it directly to you. Typically within Europe in 2-5 business days. We take full responsibility that the goods get all the way to you and in perfect condition.

We use GLS a very professional and efficient forwarder representing us all over Europe.

The trolleys are insured (included in the shipping cost) thus if you receive a parcel form us that does not look appropriate you just call us and we will sort out any problem you might encounter out of poor shipping. We use extra strong and reinforced boxes designed by us selves. To date we have had less than 0,5% claims arising out of poor shipping, thus it is rare we encounter any problems at all.

Price we will quote you on an individual basis, but as a rule of thumb you can expect something between 50-100 euro pending on where you live.


New and innovative XR3

The most elegant remote trolley on the market at a stunning price. Extremely powerfull and robust. German design meets Asian efficiency.

Why remote ?

We say TRY IT - you will love it! Hands free you can walk you own way and in your pace. You really feel as if you are a full scaled PRO with somebody to carry the clubs.

Why Bat-Caddy ?

It is very simple. Because you can trust us ! We offer honest and effecient service. Any problem ?
Write us a info@fabrikators.com

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Bat-Caddy® moves to Europe. One the most successful electrical trolleys In the US is now available for all European golfers
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